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Nothing is better than Waxing.

Most of us think of waxing as an alternative to shaving away unwanted body hair, there are also a number of significant benefits in waxing – many of which might be some unsung heroes.

Benefits Of Waxing


Typically, waxing will last for a minimum of 3 weeks, with some people reporting that it has lasted as many as 8 weeks before the hair begins to re-grow.


With frequent waxing, the length between appointments will get longer as continued waxing impedes hair growth. In some instances, the hair follicle itself will be weakened which means the hair may not come back for even longer periods of time.


Although waxing is most often associated with the legs or eyebrows, it can be used virtually anywhere you have unwanted hair growth.


Unlike shaving creams with their harsh chemicals that can cause pigmentation, rashes and the nicks and cuts associated with using a razor, waxing is a totally natural process so it does not have a negative effect on your skin.


When the hair does begin to grow back, it is softer and finer, rather than showing as ugly stubble. In addition, it will not grow back thicker.


Unlike other hair removal processes that don’t work with all hair types or colors, textures or skin type, waxing works as well on the hairs on your legs as it does on finer hair that may be found on the upper lip.


Waxing can be used to remove both small and large areas of hair, as for larger areas it is only a matter of using a bigger piece of cloth and more wax.


Waxing is both cost and time effective. Waxing, depending on where it is being used, takes between 15 and minutes and one hour. As to cost, while that may vary from place to place, waxing is your better investment.


Waxing doesn’t just remove the hair at the root, but it also serves as an exfoliation process, since it removes dead skin cells as the wax is pulled away.


Contrary to what one might think, waxing does not hurt as at Ambeau Wellness we use products designed to make the process painless.

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