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Amazing Package Offer

Glow facial + Full arms + Underarms + full legs Waxing

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Amazing Package Offer

D tan facial / Glow facial + Full arms + Underarms + full legs + eyebrow threading

Facial Treatment Packages

Each skin type is unique. When choosing a treatment, it is important to identify your specific needs. Only then can you achieve truly effective and visible results. We only use  natural ingredients and essential oils from botanicals from sustainable source, with soothing, balancing and purifying benefits.

Mini Facial

A quick cleanse for your skin
(An ideal facial for Teenagers)

Suitable For: Normal Skin

Duration: 30min

Price: $45

Deep cleansing facial

Get rid of unwanted buildup of oil, toxins, dirt, bacteria, and all skin cell debris. (An ideal facial for Teenagers)

Suitable For: Normal Skin

Duration: 45min

Price: $78

Organic facial

An instant rejuvenator for the your dull and tired skin.

Suitable For: Normal Skin

Duration: 60min

Price: $75

Sun Rescue facial treatment

Soothe sun-damaged and/or dehydrated skin instantly..

Suitable For: Normal skin

Duration: 60min

Price: $98

Brightening Facial

Achieve a healthy glow and reduce uneven skin tone with our targeted products and treatment. The perfect facial for any first timer at Ambeau.

Suitable For: All Skin types

Duration: 60min

Price: $78

Skin Recharge facial

Restore the original fairness of your skin get rid you of any puffiness or inflammation by our signature massage techniques  along with Cryotherapy.

Suitable For: All Skin Types

Duration: 60min

Price: $120

Hydrating Facial

Hydrate and nourish the dull & dry skin. lock the skin moisture and nutrients so that your skin will look vibrant, smoother, younger and revitalised.
( An ideal Facial for the Pre – bridal)

Suitable For: Normal – Sensitive skin

Duration: 60min

Price: $138

24K Gold Facial

The ultimate luxurious anti-aging treatment that uses pure gold massaged into your skin to brighten and energize.
( An ideal Facial for the Pre – bridal)

Suitable For: fine lines , wrinkles, dull dehydrated skin

Duration: 75min

Price: $148

Bubble Peel Detox

The right skin care for skin sensitivity
and problematic skin with cryotherapy

For: sensitive & Acne skin

Duration: 90min

Price: $158

Anesi 3D Vita C Facial

Vitamin C Facial is best known for skin brightening and protecting from free radicals. Plus, it stimulates collagen production.

For: Normal - Sensitive Skin

Duration: 90min

Price: $158

Bridal Package

(Gold Facial + Face Bleach + Spa Pedicure + Eyebrow Threading)

Price : $268

Aqua Dermabrassion Facial Treatment

(5+1 Free session)

For: Normal skin

Duration: 90min

Price: $470

Micro Dermabrassion Facial Treatments

Micro dermabrassion cleans the skin & pore and IPL therapy emits pulses of light to eliminate common skin concerns like acne scars, enlarged pores, oily skin and is especially superior in treating pigmentation and scarring. Expect instantly healthier, brighter skin with a more even skin tone and minimised pores.

Single Treatment or for best results a course of treatment may be required.

Aqua Deep cleansing

A medical grade facial for your skin needs.
(cleanse , peel , Extract,  Hydrating mask)

Duration: 45min

Price: $120

Acne clear treatment

Say good bye to Acne with IPL & cryotherapy facial. Restore the health & appearance of troubled skin.

Duration: 75-90 min

Price: $199

Anti pigmentation treatment

Am IPL facial treatment with advanced technology. Helps reduce skin pigment melanin and is an anti-ox- idant. For smooth and supple skin with results after the first use.

Duration: 75-90 min

Price: $180

Aqua peel glow

This treatment combines light therapy and AHA that deeply cleanse the skin
(Suitable for Instant glow and whitening)

Duration: 75-90 min

Price: $240

Hair Color & Treatments

Hair Care Service





Root touchup (No Ammonia)




Highlight with color


Full color (single Color)





Fashion color







Shadow Fashion color





Organic keratin treatment


Mucota Algana agran oil treatment + free cut


Express Keratin


Thermal Reconstruct Treatment


Mucota Omega Rebonding + Free cut


Half head rebonding




Smoothening Treatment


Cold Perm





Root Perm





Olaplex Add on






Permanently Reduce Unwanted Hair

Small Areas


Medium Areas


Large Areas


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Permanently Reduce Unwanted Hair

Underarm permanent
hair removal
first trial

effective for all skin types

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A very popular and most effective permanent hair removal treatment

The IPL device produces a higher frequency of light energy at a slower rate. This destroys the hair follicle, thereby causing hair to fall off and significantly slowing down regrowth Whether you are looking for removal of underarm hair, facial hair, ingrown hair or Brazilian hair removal, our risk-free IPL treatment can definitely help!

Our IPL Steps & Procedures


The mechanics will be explained to you, after which you would have to endorse that you have fully understood it


You will be given a pair of UV-protecting glasses to shield your eyes.


The skin will be cleansed and slathered with a special IPL gel.


The specialist will arm the trigger of IPL Beam Light to the targeted areas.


The session finishes off with a post-treatment consultation.

Our beauty professional ensures to enhance your beauty.

Shopping Basket


Due to different skin tone, hair texture and other factors the result on IPL /OPT is up to individuals.

Customers are strongly advice to undergo at least 6 sessions of IPL/OPT treatment in order to see a complete or satisfactory hairless result.

Ambeau Wellness reserved the right to perform or decline treatment request.

Individual skin screening will be perform before actual treatment